Centrifugal Mist Collector (100-1000 CFM)


Centrifugal Mist Collectors

Centrifugal Mist Collector
Filters coolant mist, smoke, gas, and vapor
Four stages of filtration
Manufactured out of 16ga spun steel, powder coated
Quiet Operation 70 to 76 dba @ 3’
Small and Compact with Direct Mount Capability
The centrifugal mist collector is typically used on applications generating airborne coolant mist, smoke, gas, and vapor.

CENTRIFUGAL – These units are most effective where there is little or no solid content in mist. Suction is generated by rotation of the internal, fan-equipped filter drum. Mist-laden air is drawn into the drum, where internal pressure forces it through a thick felt pad covering its inner surface. Mist coalesces into liquid form during its passage through the felt media and emerges to the outer drum surface through small perforations in the drum housing.  There, centrifugal force slings it free to impact with the interior surface of the machine housing. Process air, also emerging through the perforations turns and rushes at high velocity towards the rear of the unit, sweeping the collected liquids with it. A fairing, welded to the inner drum surface culls out this liquid as it reaches the rear of the machine housing and re-directs it (along with a small portion of the process air) out of the system through a ¾” npt drain fitting so that it may be collected for disposal or returned to the mist-generating operation. The greater portion of process air continues towards the rear of the unit housing and through a secondary filter element which arrests most of any mist that escaped re-direction. Turning 90 degrees upwards, the cleaned air can be either re-introduced to the plant atmosphere, or run through a HEPA afterfilter, which will remove any remaining “ultra-fine” particles.

AER Control Systems Mist Collectors are available in 100, 300, 500, 700,  900, and 1000 CFM versions.