NR Murphy MRX Series (700-1400 CFM)


NR Murphy MRX Series

MRX Series: An economical, portable dust collector with a truly efficient performance. It is specially designed to handle one or several machines.


  • Designed to handle one or more machines in close proximity.
  • Ideal for saws or other machines where the matrial volume is low and the particle size is fairly large.


  • Available as 2 bag or 4 bag unit for better filtration.
  • Portable on heavy duty casters.
  • Polyester needlefelt filters.
  • Quick and easy to assemble and install.
  • Occupies minimal floor space.
  • Cleaned air returned to plant.
  • Easy emptying of collected waste.
  • Compact – Lightweight.
  • Ideally suited for low headroom.
  • Ideal for connecting to machines in remote locations from existing dust extraction systems.


  • Double bag option.
  • Various voltages are available to suit customer application.

Available Models:

Fan Inlet Diameter: 5″ 7″
Motor: 2 H.P. 3 H.P.
Delivers: 771 C.F.M. @ 5650 F.P.M. 1443 C.F.M. @ 5400 F.P.M.
Ceiling Height Required: 8 feet 8 feet
Approximate Shipping Weight: 2 Bag Unit – 250 lbs.
4 Bag Unit – 300 lbs.
2 Bag Unit – 300 lbs.
4 Bag Unit – 350 lbs.