Pieonc CDJ Series (2200-64,000 CFM)


Pieonc CDJ Series

Pleated Cartridge Collector

Independent inner cage support provides twice the strength of competing arrangements, plus automatic alignment and rigid support for mounting the cartridges.

Controlled deflection and high resiliency seals maintain correct sealing pressure for 10,000 hour of operation.

Compressed air cleaning components located on the bottom of the housing for maintenance and inspection from ground level.

Cartridge “change-out” performed from outside the filter unit.

Heavy-duty welded unit, externally reinforced for rugged service.

Removable access doors cover two cartridges. This arrangement simplifies cartridge inspection and replacement.

Twin cleaning jets permit twice the flow rating per filter element.

Double duty flow distributor and drop out chamber reduces load on filters and filter cleaning system.

Twin jets lower the pulse pipes with low profile jet formation which reduces the effect on reverse air flow in the clean air plenum.

Twin-powered supersonic nozzles provide twice the kinetic entegy per unit of compressed air for a more efficient conversion of pressure energy to velocity (kinetic) energy. Improved jet formation develops twice the jet volume per unit of compressed air.

Double duty cone evase shapes the jet for uniform cleaning velocity and reduces pressure drop across the filter.

Vertical cleaning arrangement reduces re-entrainment from adjoining cartridges during cleaning cycle by 75%, greatly reducing air consumption and increasing cartridge filter life.

Sigle horizontal filter, v. competitors’ dual cartridge arrangement, provides increased strength, stiffness and longer lasting dust tight seals.