Pieonc Small Packaged Series (1000 – 3600 CFM)


Pieonc Small Packaged Series

Twin-powered supersonic nozzles provide twice the kinetic energy per unit of compressed air for a more efficient conversion of pressure energy to velocity (kinetic) energy. Improved jet formation develops twice the jet volume per unit of compressed air.

Double duty cone evase shapes jet for uniform cleaning velocity and reduces pressure drop across the filter.

Controlled deflection and high resiliency seals maintain correct scaling pressure for 10,000 hours of operation.

Heavy duty welded steel unit with bar stock stiffeners and structural support.

Compressed air cleaning component externally mounted for convenient access.

Options include special materials and finishes, fan outlet silencer, motor starter and pressure guage.

Model 4-CDJ-2 – CFM 1000-1600 – Fan HP – 1.5/3

Model 6-CDJ-2 – CFM 1700-2400 – Fan HP – 3/5

Model 9-CDJ-3 – CFM 2500-3600 – Fan HP – 7.5