Pieonc Zone Filter Horizontal Series (2000-10,000 CFM)


Pieonc Zone Filter Horizontal Series

Twin jets for twice the flow and twice the rating per filter size. Twin powered supersonic nozzles provide twice the kinetic energy per unit of compressed air for a more efficient conversion of pressure energy to velocity (kinetic) energy. Jet formation develops twice the jet volume per unit of compressed air.

Low pressure drop design with ventrui expansion cones allows more effective pulse jet cleaning by lowering pressure drop during the cleaning cycle.

Vertical cleaning arrangement drastically reduces re-entrainment during cleaning.

Controlled deflection and high resiliency seals maintain correct sealing pressure for 100,000 cleaning cycles.

Long filter life for most applications.

End filter service panels permit cartridge change out from outside the filter. Compressed air cleaning components located for most convenient access.

Heavy duty mild steel welded construction. Structural frame for rigid assembly.

Close coupled airfoil fan for optimum efficiency and high pressure drop capability. Flexible joint between fan and housing to isolate vibrations.

Pyramidal hopper w/clamp-on dust pail.

Typical Applications: Dry Powders/Welding Smoke, Cabon Dust, Grinding Dust, Machining, General Ventilation.


2D-ZF-2 – 2,000 CFM
2D-ZF-3 – 3,000 CFM
3D-ZF-3 – 4,500 CFM
3D-ZF-4 – 6,000 CFM
4D-ZF-4 – 8,000 CFM
4D-ZF-5 – 10,000 CFM